Dom Amato Retirement

Jan 5, 2021
Chaim Bell
dom amatoDom Amato formally retired from Sinai this summer after a long and illustrious career of more than 40 years in practice.

He started at Sinai in 1978 after Medical School and Residency Training in the United States.

Over his career, he was well regarded for his general hematology insights as well as his teaching abilities at several levels. He began seeing patients with Gaucher Disease in 1980 and headed the Gaucher Clinic at Sinai, which has become one of the world's largest.

He is an internationally recognized expert in the field and has contributed greatly to its treatment and care.

On a personal note, all who know Dom can attest to his sense of humour and love of opera. He is also an enthusiastic supporter of the Toronto-Ethiopia Hematology Fellowship Program. Dom  thanks for all your contributions to Sinai and the University of Toronto over a great career!