2019 Call for Applications: Merit Review

Jan 28, 2019



The Department of Medicine (DoM) Merit Review Committee invites applications for the 2019 Clinician-Scientist Merit Review.

Candidate Eligibility

  • Only clinician-scientists are eligible
  • Clinician-scientists who are coming off career awards or Clinician-Scientist Start-up Stipend
  • A Clinician-scientist who is funded by an Alternate Funding Plan or holds a career award or holds an endowed/expendable chair is deemed ineligible
  • Clinician Scientist who ended their startup stipend or previous Merit award early due to the receipt of a career award will receive a 0.3/5 bonus added to their Merit Score. *Please indicate if you fall into this category to the program administrator when submitting your application.*

Application Instructions

Applications consist of a CV and a candidate statement. Candidates’ statements will follow the same format as the Stage 1 of the CIHR Foundation Scheme application, providing applicants with the opportunity to align their merit application with future CIHR Foundation formats (i.e. to decrease redundancy/re-formatting required for future CIHR applications). This format asks researchers to describe;

  • their leadership experience (1/2 page),
  • the significance of their contributions (1/2 page),
  • their productivity (1/2 page) and, perhaps most importantly,
  • the vision and direction of their program (1 page).

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday, January 28, 2019 and should be submitted via email to Joanna King.

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